The Perils of COVID 19 (April 2021)

This is a True encounter, experienced 2 weeks ago. In a moment of genius, I decided to post an online ad to attract those oh-so-elusive customers.

Newspapers are great, but during Covid so many people switched to online services – and the escort world soon followed. After a few days, a text arrived in response to my ad.

Jerry was near the Airport, asked about two ladies, chose one, requested prices and immediately booked an amazing two hours with my friend, Susan. While he refused to pay a deposit, he agreed to pay for an Uber to pick her up and deliver her to his door.

“What could go wrong?” I thought and rang Susan to hurry her up as a paid Uber was on its way to take her to a 2 hour booking near the Airport.

Susan is an Aussie citizen, but English is her second language. She speaks with a heavy accent which is often exacerbated by phone lines. The Uber arrived, she climbed in and called me to say she was off to the Airport booking. Jerry lived in one of the many apartment blocks surrounding the Airport and was eagerly awaiting her arrival.

After 30 minutes, my phone rang and Susan cried “Ohhhh I can’t go in, because of the Covid!”I sighed. “Susan – that’s so stupid- there is no lockdown! Just go in!””Nooo”, she cried, ” The door is spinning, and I can’t go in because of the Covid! He will give me Covid!”

I was incredulous. “WTF Susan – the customer is really nice, and he wants to see you. Why are you suddenly worried about the location? (not to my knowledge at this point of time)”Nooo, the man here, he said I can’t come in because of Covid!”

Susan was panicking. I could not fathom out why this client had paid over $50 for an Uber, then started raving on about Covid. “Susan”, I said, ” Is it the client or another man?” “Another man!” she cried.

“Who the f**k does he think he is, Susan?! Push past him and tell him to f**k off! Don’t listen to him! He is full of shit. There is no Covid lockdown! “”OK, OK…” Susan said. I could hear some male voices.” Susan, just push past them! They’re idiots!”

“Ohhh my,” Susan cried, “The man jump in front of me! He stops me!”

I was furious that some anonymous males were trying to stop Susan from entering the building, I screamed,

“Susan, put these dickheads on the phone!

“A moment later a male voice said, “Hello?” I was furious. “Who the f**k do you think you are? My friend is waiting upstairs for her! Stop harassing her! There are no Covid restrictions! Stop this crap and let her in!

“Madame,” the male calmly stated, “Your friend’s Uber has dropped her at the Covid Hotel quarantine program. We are a Hotel doing Covid quarantine and it’s very dangerous here! Please, your friend can not come in!

“I was mortified. “O my FnG, now I understand!

I’m so sorry, she doesn’t understand! Put her back on the phone! I’m so sorry! Please don’t arrest her!” Susan took the phone back and I said, “Run, Susan, get the fuck out of there!”” But, you just told me to push my way in?!!!” she cried.

The Uber driver had dropped Susan at a hotel with active Covid cases!

I contacted the escorts client and he hastily found Susan on the street and escorted her to safety.

I’d love to see the security logbook for that incident!    By Taylor.