My first 5 tips (5 more next week)

I like to pretend this is the easiest work ever.
Hell, who am I kidding, it is.
And it isn’t.

There is two reasons that girls come and go in this industry, there are fly-by-nighter’s or girls who offer poor service.

It isn’t always easy to keep your head on straight in this industry for a variety of reasons, and so in my mind, I do not consider any girls in this industry that behave poorly to be essentially bad people. Perhaps just people who do not have the tools to cope.

Girls what are your tips in terms of keeping your soul and sanity in the sex industry?

Here are the first 5 of my 10 tips ( 5 more next week)

1) Love yourself – Ever heard the saying ‘you cant love others until you’ve learnt to love yourself?’ Well the same is true in the sex industry. I’m not talking ‘love’ as in ‘in love’ here. Your body is your temple. Show it some love, look in the mirror and love what you see. Run a long bath, or a hot shower, close your eyes and fall into yourself. You are all you have and all that you are. Get used to it and learn to love it.

2) Taking the love and turning it outwards – Men love confidence, and your confidence will protect you. If you ooze confidence then clients are less likely to ‘try it on’. The girls with the most client problems (stalkers and wankers) are those who appear vulnerable. If you walk with your head high, smile like you know you’re a sexy piece of ass, then they will treat you like a sexy piece of ass. The best girls in this industry often aren’t the hot ones, but the confident ones. Even if you are having a fat day, fake the confidence and you will be treated like the princess that you are, which will make your fat day turn into a fab day. The more control you have over the situation the less it will play on your mind at the end of your work day.

3) Stimulation – If you work in the industry full time, it is easy to become a mindless blob, I know this because I’ve been there. Read a book, watch the news and keep your brain ticking over. Not only is this good for you mentally, but also gives you something else to talk about in the room. Even more importantly lets discuss physical stimulation – exercise. I swear by yoga, stretches out every fibred in your body, releases endorphins and serves as a moving meditation. It also keeps you trim and feeling fantastic.

4) Meditation – on the note of meditation, I realise this isn’t for everyone – but for me it is an important part of keeping grounded and ‘myself’. If you have a break between clients, find a quiet space and just sit and find your way back to yourself through your thoughts. Think of something important to the essence of your being and meditate on this for some time. In this time, you are not your real name, or your work name, you are a nameless thoughtless soul at the center of being. You are separate from work, you are separate from sex, you are you. Very important.

5) Sex  – If your only sexual arousal is at work, you need to masterbate! It is not healthy to live your whole sex life through work, as it is fantasy. Obviously, enjoy your work but remember that you, not -your work name- needs some play time too. Learn what you love, play around, get some toys, if you have a partner, pounce on him (or her) and have some playtime just being yourself. Learn a thing or two and then show your regulars what you’ve discovered.
Wendy Cox
(oh, and don’t ever do drugs kids)