The Persecution of a Working Girl

I will never forget the acidic chemical trail it left burning from the tip of my tongue plunging deep down into the guts of my stomach. It was necessary but certainly not an enjoyable experience. This was the way. As prostitutes in the late 1980s

The Perils of COVID 19 (April 2021)

This is a True encounter, experienced 2 weeks ago. In a moment of genius, I decided to post an online ad to attract those oh-so-elusive customers. Newspapers are great, but during Covid so many people switched to online services – and the escort world soon

Condoms, Safe Sex, Law Australia

Condoms – Many clients are unaware that both sex and oral sex must be performed with condoms under Australian LAW. Safe oral sex is rarely taught in schools and so the condom for a blowjob is a surprise for some. Please do not complain or

Cumming – ready or not – with sound effects

I know my partner and l do, and l reckon the majority of you have little sound effects when we are approaching climax or cumming, whether it’s the sound of holding your breath, or breathing rapidly , moaning, whimpering or whatever, and that super sensitive

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