My next 5 tips, A little late, but it is good value, enjoy and be safe,

6) Know when you need a break – it is so easy in this industry to work a lot. Every time the phone rings and you ignore it, you have probably missed out on a decent sum of cash. When it starts to get weird when you hear someone call you by your real name, you need a break. Turn the phone off and spend some of your hard-earned cash on a break. If your back hurts, your vagina feels foreign and the thought of shaving your legs again makes you cringe, take some time (and get a massage!).

7) Goals – when you started in the industry, whether you are willing to admit it or not, you started because you needed the money. I’ve yet to meet someone who did not start for this purpose. Set a goal. I started to pay off some debt (and to eat) and it took me a year to start paying anything off, because having money was such a novelty, I kept spending it. Then when I did my taxes and realised how much I had wasted it was a wake-up call! Set a goal and stick to it. When you reach every goal, reward yourself with a treat, and then start another goal. Do not get stuck in the industry longer than you want to be because you have been foolish with money. You will end up resenting the work and your service will suffer. Think to yourself – what happens if I break my leg tomorrow?

8) Keep real friends – Friends are the best   Whether you tell your real-world friends about escorting or not is up to you, but always treasure them. When work gets you down, friends will bring you back to reality and having a break from talking about sex all day is healthy. If you don’t have any – get a hobby!

9) Keep real work – even if you just do temp work once in a blue moon this helps as well. Keep your skill levels up, keep your CV ticking and remember there is life outside of the sex industry. You will make good friends and contacts for when you are ready to stop.

10) You Ma’am are a sex goddess – Be proud of your work. Being an escort is the most empowering position you will probably ever have. Love yourself, your clients and have a good time.

Do not take it too seriously and never be afraid to enjoy yourself. Life is too short!