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Free advice to get your free escort ad place better on search engines

Just because you have your paid or free escort ad published on local Australian escort websites doesn’t mean search engines like Google will show it on page one of Google when punters search for an escort in your location.  BEFORE you post your free online escort advertising on this website and other Australian escort websites there are things YOU can do to improve your online ad on the Escorts Au website for good performance in search engines.

  1. Rename your escort photo file name that came out of your phone or camera (eg IMG-123456.JPG) with keywords eg sexy-escort-near-kings-cross.jpg. Include the word “escort” and place, eg Kings Cross, in your photo file names before posting your free ad online.
  2. Resize your escort photo if it is too big. For landscape, 800 x 600 pixels. For portrait 600 x 800 is recommended.
  3. Optimise your escort photos. Drag and drop them to, then download photos to replace your unoptimised photos.

Example of a Good Australian Escort Profile with Keywords

  1. When providing your name on our free escort promotion sign up form, keep it short so you can add more keywords before and or after your name. Eg  Sexy Sue Hot Escorting Services Near Me. Think about the search words men and women are searching for to find an escort near their escorting services location in Australia. You don’t need to add your location after your name because we do that for you.
  2. Good keywords for escort-advertising in Australia.
    On the next page after your initial escort sign-up you will see your tag line. What you type in your tag line will show publicly next to your profile photo. You’ve only got 100 characters so use them wisely. Use keywords that people search for. For example:

    1. hot
    2. sexy
    3. sex
    4. beautiful
    5. escort service <— keyword research example. Add up to 5 sexy phrases separated by commas.
    6. Sydney
    7. near me
    8. escorted (variants of words are good for search engines)
    9. sexual
    10. sexually
  3. Good escort photo examples
    1. high sexy escort Australia.
      high-class-sexy-escort-australia.jpg is the above Australian escort’s PORTRAIT (size of 800 pixels tall and 600 pixels wide) image file name and image alt tag.  For optimisation these photos were passed through before uploading to this escort services promotion advice web page.


    2. Landscape escort profile example:
      Free advice escort online Australia.
      Online advertising advice of a landscape (800px x 600px) Australian promotional escorting service photo.


See and get the benefits of your advertisement on our free online escort services advertising web page.


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