Phone Safety Advice For Escorts and Hookers



“Don’t EVER see a would-be punter who phones on a private number”. “He is most likely an Ugly Mug”.

Hookers’ social media groups were once fun.

Someone would post a thread and suddenly all us escorts and hookers would crawl out from under our sheets, posting hilarious replies, taking the piss out of our hooker mate and punters,

We were building comradery, talking about brothels, hooking, massaging, and having fun, swapping ideas and stories, it was a great way to pass the time in between our punters phone calls and clients arrivals.

This was the new age, the arrival of mobile phones, the transfer of information by electronic means, the “E Tech World” had arrived.

Consequently I got involved, along with all the other hookers and escorts, and became enthused by my new-found group of friends.

And thought I would post some serious advice – This new age had some pit falls to be careful of.

“Don’t EVER give out information to a would-be punter on a private number”.

I may as well have tapped it out in Morse Code, for all the good it did. (not that many hookers or escorts would understand MC)

Well fuck me, the instant response was, shock horror, from a young invincible New Aged Hooker who had crawled out from under her new silky sheets. (she will learn, far too expensive, buy hotel grade linen) no traction either.

So The New Aged Hooker posted — “I have been escorting for 3 months, and I see clients and punters who have private numbers ALLLLL the time and ALLLLL of my clients and punters are lovely. I NEVERRR get any trouble…” she gushed.

Like fuck me dead, she was impossible to get the message across, l tried reasoning with this New Age Hooker, letting her know that Ugly Mugs are out there, hiding in the camouflage of the new High Tech World.

But she literally tied me to a stake and struck the match and burnt me to the ground in front of my peers.

Not to worry any longer, l gave up, this New Aged Hooker would not listen.

My advice had been obtained by several years of Australian Escorting experience, and the incident I am about to explain was never publicised but could have gone terribly wrong for two of my Escort friends.

This is a true story of an Ugly Mug Punter and it happened to a gorgeous young new to the circuit Escort, a petite men’s magazine model who had just moved into escorting, enjoying the scene, and making a fortune working privately.

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It took place just before I was razed to the ground during the witch hunt, by the New Aged Hooker.

The story begins when my two friends Clarissa and Dee (seasoned escorts) decided to head North for a change to take a crack at some private work. They booked a motel and excitedly told me all their plans.

My only advice was!!!  “Don’t EVER give out info to a would-be punter on a private number”.

I repeated myself about 100 times and never offered any other advice.

When the escorts Clarissa and Dee arrived at the motel. The gorgeous glamour model also arrived and checked in upstairs.

By 8 pm, my friends had made $300 each. Hooking was good. They were thrilled and phoned saying they had some good bookings lined up for the evening and would call me later.

Again, I repeated – “Don’t EVER give out info to a would-be punter on a private number”.

Well, by 11pm that night, the girls had pulled in well over a grand each and were sitting there, relaxing in their robes and towels comparing notes. And counting the coin.

Suddenly, Dee’s phone rang. It was a private number.

“The punter said, hey…sorry it’s so late, but please…” he pleaded, “I’m happy to pay for the hour, but I just need a quickie. I’ll be gone in 5 minutes”.  (Dee remembered my harping words) Dee said, “I’m so tired – sorry”.

Clarissa’s phone immediately started ringing. It was a private number, too. Same story, “Hey…I know it’s late, but I just need a quickie. I’ll be done in 5 minutes, but I’ll pay for the hour”.

Clarissa refused the job, because of my incessant nagging about clients calling from a private number. Both girls decided to call it a night and fell fast asleep in Clarissa’s room.

In the morning, there was a frantic knock on their door.  It was the receptionist from check-in.

“Girls”, the motel manager said, — “Escorts are not meant to work from here, I have calmed him down, he did not want to be accused of running a brothel, so it’s ok for this time, no more in the future. But no more escorting from here.

The receptionist then told the girls, the reason for the panic, is that last night, just after 11 30 pm, they heard shrieks from the girl upstairs.

She was such a tiny little thing – so pretty and blonde. She was working and someone rang just after 11 last night. When we heard the shrieks, we ran to her room…there was a trail of money all the way on the staircase…her little body was laying there on the floor in her room, she had been knocked her out cold and robbed. She was so pretty; she had been a glamour model in men’s magazines.

The police brought the dogs in to follow the trail.

So you girls, please be careful. She’s in hospital now”.

Clarissa and Dee thought back to the 11 pm private number calls. The police spoke to them and confirmed the whole story.

This was a reminder, girls should never see clients or punters that use private numbers to contact escorts. Clarissa and Dee packed and left. They were too traumatised to work knowing how close they had come to being victims of this Ugly Mug.

The police caught the Ugly Mug, and the girl was released from hospital later.

The young escort girl now works out of the security of an established brothel.

“Don’t EVER see a would-be punter who phones on a private number”. “He is most likely an Ugly Mug”.

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