Condoms, Safe Sex, Law Australia

Condoms – Many clients are unaware that both sex and oral sex must be performed with condoms under Australian LAW.

Safe oral sex is rarely taught in schools and so the condom for a blowjob is a surprise for some.

Please do not complain or mention it – it is how it is.

If you want to contract chlamydia in your own time then fine, but this is our time and we practice safe sex, and you can catch chlamydia of the throat.

Run if you are ever offered uncovered blowjobs or sex by an escort

I am proud of how clean and safe we are in the Australian sex industry and expect this to be upheld by participants.

Love and respect your health and wrap it up (we provide condoms in all sizes and lube so no need to bring your own).

If you’re new to sex with condoms the escort will guide you with how to use it. Lube is a requirement to ensure no breakage so please don’t complain (our natural wetness only goes so far and also often not enough with condoms)

Ensure you stop pumping when you have cum. If you keep going after you orgasm, your sperm glides up the condom and onto/into the escort which is a big no-no!!!!!


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